#All2gether against poverty

"Netwerk tegen Armoede" is a collaboration between 59 associations in Flanders and Brussels with a common vision and goal: eradicate social exclusion and poverty. These associations can call on the umbrella organization "Network against Poverty" for support, training and information exchange.

Obviously, poverty is not restricted to NTA's geographic area. That's why they also work closely together with similar networks like the Belgian Anti Poverty Network in the Brussels region and Wallonia as well as the European Anti Poverty Network on the rest of the continent.

#All2gether against poverty

Major Tom was commissioned to develop the new online platform for "Netwerk tegen Armoede".

The scope of the project includes:

  • developing the responsive website
  • including an online payment section for donations with Stripe integration
  • a petition application to sign for and contribute to your favorite projects
  • automation scripts to sync email with Mailchimp
  • integration of third-party content from Google Cloud SQL
  • multi-level management entries and more...

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